Renton Counseling Center PLLC is a private mental health clinic owned and operated by founder Vera Dragonchuk since 2016.

Our mission 

Renton Counseling Center (RCC) is to provide patients with effective, transformational, and competent psychotherapy services to the Renton community. (RCC) is an insurance focused psychotherapy clinic that serves and reflects its surrounding Renton community. We recruit and employ therapists with a variety of specialized treatment modalities and backgrounds. 

Our values

Positive transformation through psychotherapy
Working with motivated patient ready to change
Understand and serve the psychotherapy needs of the local community who utilize private insurance
Assting providers in excellent training and licensure 
Family, couples, and individual psychotherapy
Ongoing formal feedback from clients
Pursuit of excellence
Diversity and cultural inclusion
Prioritizing in person sessions whenever possible
Informed consent 

Who we can't help

Location outside of 25 mile radius of Renton
Issues: addiction only, medication, in-patient/PHP, and acute crisis. 
Evaluations and accomodation requets: employment, medical, disability, accademic,  ESA, etc. Example: ESA letter, ADHD evaluation, accomodation for disability, medical evaluation for surgery etc. 

Other Information 

If you would like to book with a provider who is currently full you can use the waiting list form to be notified when opening becomes available. 

If you have any further questions or comments feel free to email info@rentoncounselingcenter.com

To view our detailed information about what insurance we accept and do not accept, visit here.