Group Contract


What are the agreements necessary to join a group?

  1. To be present each week, to be on time, and to remain throughout the meeting.
  2. To work actively on the problems that brought you to the group.
  3. To put feelings into words and have interesting new emotional communication with members.
  4. To use the relationships made in the group therapeutically, not socially.
  5. To remain in the group until the problems that brought them to the group have been resolved.
  6. To be responsible for your bill.
  7. To protect the names and identities of fellow group members.
  8. To terminate appropriately.

If I cannot agree to one or more of these agreements can I still join the group?

Yes and no. Agreements are meant to be broken. What is your motivation and work you are doing in managing to be in agreement with group contract? If there is desire to keep the agreements and continually working on improving them then it is a good reason to be in group.

I want to express my gratitude and love for your desire and motivation to join group therapy experience.

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