Adjusting to Life in America by Vera Dragonchuck, MA, LMHC

Struggles of the Second Generation

Although the ethnic community and family networks provide a strong social system of norm and values aimed at preserving cultural harmony for individuals who went through resettlement process, it can also be a source of tension for the new generation born in the United States.

Second generation immigrants struggle to reconcile their cultural membership to family and community with their need to strive for autonomy through relationship with their American peers.

My Masters Degree was cross-cultural counseling training program. This training has prepared me to offer intercultural sensitive psychotherapist counseling services.

As a foreigner to America, I understand and appreciate the importance of being connected to family and ones cultural community. My greatest delight and satisfaction comes from interacting with people from different cultures. My goal is to listen with an open mind and be able to respond positively and constructively as we engage in a therapeutic relationship.