Work with us

Join our team at Renton Counseling Center. We are hiring mental health professionals passionate about results focused psychotherapy. 

Renton Counseling Center (RCC) is an insurance-based mental health clinic, offering psychotherapy services to the Renton community and beyond. 

The human experience is complicated and individuals who come to us are overwhelmed by life and they have difficulty successfully responding to life's struggles and develop anxiety and depression. Psychotherapy is an effective treatment for the relief of many of such psychological symptoms. In psychotherapy, we assist others on the difficult and very personal journey from pain into greater personal freedom. Our job is to listen carefully, putting aside our prejudice; paying attention to the emotional side of things, so that we can understand better and help resolve what might be hurting. 

RCC is comprised of a exceptional team of professionals working together in a collaborative environment supporting each other's growth, development, and result focused interventions. Part of our culture is case consultation, monitoring feedback informed results, and continuous professional development. Working at RCC is like being with the best part of the a family.

Licensed clinicians are in high demand and there are many companies looking to hire folks like you, but we want a chance to convince you to consider us. We are a small local mental health clinic with in person focus. We want you to come talk to us in person to see our space, meet the founders, learn what we are about, and give us a chance to meet and decide if this will be a good colleborative experience. 

To join our team, complete an initial job application, and schedule an interview with Richard Scafati, BA co-founder and operations manager

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Questions? Please email Richard Scafati at or call at 425-528-0502