Group therapy

Learning opportunities and objectives in Group Therapy

  1. Gain self-awareness, practice communication skills.
  2. Learn to overcome social anxiety and chronic worry.
  3. Learn how to deal with anger and assertiveness.
  4. Learn intimacy skills in a safe setting.
  5. Learn influential communication skills such as resonating, responding, and integrating. Undo noisy communications such as fighting, obscuring, competing, individualizing, and fact-finding.

Vera's Group Psychotherapy Leadership Experience

Vera's first exposure to group psychotherapy was in her work as a therapist at Fairfax Behavioral Hospital in 2006 running inpatient psychiatric and co-occurring addiction groups. Next, she ran groups with women in her work at Domestic Abuse Women's Network (D.A.W.N.) in 2008, around domestic violence trauma. She started her first psychotherapy group in her practice in 2013. In January, 2015, Vera completed the required training for a national Certified Group Psychotherapist credential through AGPA. She participates in over 100 training hours every year through AGPA annual meetings, SCT annual conference, bi-monthly supervision/consultation groups, and monthly training groups through SCT held in San Francisco. Vera believes in the power of group psychotherapy and she continues to learn, engage, and transform in her role as a group leader and psychotherapist. Vera tracks and has seen results in her patients' lives through the method of group therapy.

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