Adjusting to Life in America by Vera Dragonchuck, MA, LMHC

Psychotherapy with women born in a different country

Many women who immigrate to America, experience extraordinary freedom from burden of gender oppression, while simultaneously experiencing overwhelming longing for their lost world of intimately rooted cultural connections.

Your cultural background has its own rules and expectations about emotions, behaviors, and relationship. What may be considered adaptive behavior within your culture, maybe considered maladaptive in the American culture.

I believe psychotherapy can assist you with career and family life development as you adjust to the culture of this country. As you start to pursue your dreams, goals, and desires you may encounter resistance and difficulties. Finding a way to have a career and family, to bring together cultures and expectations can be emotionally difficult process.

My name is Vera Akulov, I am a licensed mental health counselor. I hold a Masters Degree from Northwest University in Counseling Psychology with emphasis in culture centered psychotherapy.

As a foreigner to US from Ukraine I draw from my personal experience and professional background in assisting women to adjust to life in America.

I designed my website to introduce you to my practice as a psychotherapist. I hope as you browse my website you will get a sense of what I’m like as a psychotherapist, and would be interested to work with me.

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