Adjusting to Life in America by Vera Dragonchuck, MA, LMHC

Russian/Ukranian Language

Immigrants from former USSR remain fundamentally connected to each other through family and community ties. Respect for elders, authority, and the self remains a fundamental cultural value that appears to transcend the American experience. Family remains an important part of Russian American culture. Individual needs are often subordinated to the needs of the group. Although the ethnic community and family networks provide a strong social system of norm and values aimed at perceiving cultural harmony for individuals who went through resettlement process. It can also be a source of tension for the new generation born in the United States. As a immigrant from Ukraine, my goal is to assist individuals adjust to life in America through psychotherapy. Although English is my primary language, my comprehension of Russian and Ukrainian languages is proficient, my ability to articulate myself in Russian is limited. Therefore, I primarily speak in English during our visit.

I would be happy to speak with you more to see if psychotherapy may be of help.

"Лишь выпив прошлое до дна, Вы настоящее поймёте"