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The human experience is a complicated one and most of us, at one time or another have found ourselves overwhelmed by life. When we respond to life's struggles in ways less than successful we may experience depression and anxiety. Psychotherapy is an effective treatment for the relief of these and many other psychological symptoms.


At Renton Counseling Center, we believe in compassionate, transformational, and competent mental health counseling for people who reside in Renton. We believe in partnering with compassionate, creative capable practitioners who would enjoy a collaborative team environment. We support them in succeeding and growing as a professional as they support their patients.

Our mission is to provide excellent psychotherapy services. Increase your self-esteem, improve your quality of life, strengthen your self to successfully pursue happiness, achievement, and love. Psychotherapy works to help us understand who we are and why we do what we do. Psychotherapy helps us identify the things that interfere with our personal success in our relationships and lives. 

 RCC’s innovative use to technology to minimize administrative burden, streamline billing, provide patients flexible scheduling options including telehealth, and provide quantitative clinical feedback on treatment effectiveness are unique to the local industry. 

RCC Clinical Providers

We know how important it is to find the right match when choosing a therapist for yourself or a family member.  Please review carefully the provider their education, training background, and treatment modality explained in detail in their profiles.  

We have two types of providers, fully licensed masters level counselors and partially licensed associate license providers. Associate licensed providers are under supervision working on their full licensure and have less working experience. Partially licensed providers called associates and they bill insurance under supervisor license, Vera Dragonchuk. 

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Vera Dragonchuk, LMHC
Clinical supervisor
Debra Poulsen, LMHC
Somatic Psychotherapy Telehealth Only
Bruce Rodda, MA, MBA, LMHC
Telehealth & in person
Clinical Supervisor

Rev. Kathleen Yackey, LMHC
Telehealth & in person
Clinical Supervisor
Cindy Jones, LMHC
Telehealth & in person
Jerrold Jackson MA, LMHC 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Telehealth & in person
Peggy Wuest, LMHC
Adults and Couples
Telehealth & in person 
Annie Brown, MA, LMHC 
Lifespan Integration
Telehealth & in person
Matthew Fregoso, MEd, LMHCA
Supervised Associate
LGBTQ+, Young Adults, couples
Telehealth & in person
Kara Ireland, MSW, LSWAIC
Grief and Loss
Telehealth & in person