About Renton Counseling Center

Renton Counseling Center (RCC) is an insurance-based mental health private practice group in Renton, WA.  RCC's mission is to provide a broad range of mental health services to individuals, couples, families, children, groups, and communities in a private practice setting. Our goal is to make access to care easy and simple and to accept every patient and referral who seeks our services.* We partner with providers who can offer a diverse set of skills and have interesting backgrounds to meet the diverse needs of our community. We believe in helping patients transform their lives for the better through the techniques of psychotherapy. We work hard to help patients and our community heal, develop, and transform and become successful in life.

Our mission is empathy, competency, and transformation.  


We partner with licensed mental health professionals to create a satisfying role that would allow them serve the mental health needs of our patients.

Vera Dragonchuk, LMHC
Group Psychotherapy
Debra Poulsen, LMHC
Somatic Psychotherapy
Mary Lou Macarius, MA, LMFTChildren and adolescent therapy
Rev. Kathleen Yackey, LMHCCognative/behavioral theory
Victor Campos, MA, LMHC
Young Adults, Español

Set your goals high:  we believe in you!

*Although our goal is to work with every insurance company including Medicaid and Medicare, we are unable to accept those insurance plans at this time.