David Gretch, PhD, LSWAIC

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About Me

I am a Social Worker who is passionate about mental health counseling. I received my MSW degree from Simmons University in September 2023, after completing a one-year Internship in mental health counseling in the public health setting. I am a licensed counselor in the State of Washington as an Associate Independent Clinical Social Worker. My work is supervised by my colleague Jerrold Jackson. 


Are you struggling with life transitions, stressors, burnout, relationship or parenting problems? Do you need additional support? My unique background in as a retired medical scientist, father and grandfather, may give you the perspective you might need to have the courage to face major life decisions and to overcome hardships and to find the ever-elusive happiness and joy that comes from this life. My approach is gentle and kind and empathetic. My career passion is to help others entrenched in the same path as I was. I want to help you overcome the barriers needed to achieve balance and passion to pursue the best version of you.

My primary method of psychotherapy is empathic dialogue. My approach to mental health counseling is informed by the philosophy that each client is the expert concerning his/her/their own condition. This philosophy holds the premise that each person, subconsciously, knows what is best for his/her/their individual happiness. In my practice, mental health therapy is a collaboration between client and therapist, whereby client is encouraged to explore his/her/their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, while I as the therapist listen, reflect, amplify affirm, and occasionally challenge the client. Personally, I find psychotherapy stimulating, often challenging, and often rewarding as clients move forward in their own self-understanding, and hopefully, self-love. Therapeutic alliance relies on trust building and maintenance of trust over time in the relationship. Attunement to client well-being is an important aspect of the therapeutic alliance, as is documentation of growth, change, and/or resistance to change. Affirmations play a key role in my therapeutic approach.


Specific therapeutic techniques include assessment of present and historical emotional health. events (Psychodynamics), evaluation of relations between thoughts, feelings and behaviors (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), analysis of historical life events as they relate to the present self-image (Narrative Therapy) and navigating problem saturated stories via specific goal setting and behavior modification (Solution Focused Therapy). I frequently use a Person In Environment (PIE) lens when helping a client manage complex stressors such as work issues, financial strains, family and/or other community problems, and school or job related conflicts. Genograms are useful tools for mapping relationships within a family, and thus can be useful for enhancing perspectives around inter-familial conflict. 


My focus is to serve the needs of our local community and I provide transformational psychotherapy for adults, couples, children, and teens. I tailor my techniques to the needs of my clients. Play therapy with children, communication strategies for couples, and empathetic dialogue for adults. My focus is on patient outcomes and patient centered care.

Personal Facts 

I was born and raised in Montana, and I love the outdoors. 

I live with my wife, two daughters, and two Bernese Mountain dogs, in a cedar forest between Renton and Issaquah. We love camping and hiking. 

I have two doctorate degrees, in Medicine and Microbiology. Both were awarded by the University of Iowa in 1990. 

Between 1993 and 2013, as a medical scientist, I authored or co-authored over 150 scientific journal articles on Hepatitis C. 

I am an author and a poet, with 4 books published to date.  


  • Individual Counseling 
  • Child & Adolescent Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Medical Doctors 

  • Psychodynamic
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Play therapy integration with kids
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