Kara Ireland, MSW, LSWAIC

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“If we did not learn self-love in our youth, there is still hope. The light of love is still in us no matter how cold the flame.” 
-bell hooks
“Rarely are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion.”
-bell hooks

My Approach

Our experiences in childhood can profoundly affect the way we feel about ourselves. I help clients to unravel the years of processing and self-doubt, all too often found in individuals who have suffered from loss, abandonment, or trauma. Loss of a loved one, depression, and anxiety, can all be paralyzing; but life should be something to look forward to, something that brings joy. I believe that connection, love and insight are something that every human deserves. If you find yourself not enjoying life, or just feel like you are going through the motions, without fully engaging, psychotherapy can help. It can be difficult to be vulnerable, but together in a supportive environment, we can work to understand your story, understand patterns, and make positive changes, to help you move forward. I use an interpersonal approach, going at your own pace, to gain insight, and help you understand how your thoughts, feelings, and actions work together, while building skills to engage in the life you want. I use several evidence-based techniques, listed on this page, tailored to each individual client’s needs, as well as working closely with my clients in a collaborative process, supporting client feedback, and educating clients on the course of treatment, to ensure client needs are met.


Grieving is a natural process after the loss of a loved one. Life does not just go back to normal, but for most bereaved individuals, they can eventually find enjoyment in life again. There is no specific timeline for individuals who are grieving. Some need help during this time, but with support and the natural grieving process, they can find a new routine.
For some individuals, the loss of someone close to them, derails their lives, prevents them from living, having healthy relationships, being able to love without fear, and keeps them living in the past. People can experience complicated grieving even 20 years after a death. If you find yourself experiencing any of the following emotions, then you may suffer from complicated grief: intense sorrow; pain and rumination over your loved one; focusing on little else but your loved one; longing to be with your loved one; bitterness regarding loss; feeling detached from life; feeling unable to trust; or the inability to enjoy life.
Complicated Grief Therapy was created by Dr. Shear at Columbia University, it is an evidence-based treatment that is comprehensive and structured. If you believe you may suffer from complicated grief, please reach out. My goal is to help those suffering from CG. This does not mean letting go of one's loved one, but working together to help you grieve, honor the person you love, and find ways to live, while keeping your loved one in your heart and close to you.

Personal Note

I am passionate about helping others find joy in living. Many therapists come to this work from their own painful experiences, and after coming out the other side, want to help others engage in a life that brings happiness, without fear, self-doubt, or daily sorrow. I am here to listen, to hold your stories, your grief, and to see you thrive. I acknowledge that many factors influence one’s choices when embarking on work with a therapist. I support and encourage everyone’s right to access supportive therapy within their cultural framework. Wherever your background is from, or whatever your story contains, I promise to listen, do my best to understand, and to learn if I make a mistake. I want everyone to have access to healing, and choosing a therapist that you are comfortable with is paramount.


Master of Social Work, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 2006
Bachelor of Arts, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
Certification from Columbia University’s Prolonged Grief Center 2020, 2021, 2022


Licensed Associate Independent Clinical Social Woker

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Grief and Loss
Complicated Grief
Parenting and Ambiguous Grief – Grieving someone or something unclear; a child who is addicted; loss of a job.
Low Self Esteem
Attachment Theory

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Complicated Grief Therapy
Mindfulness Techniques
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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