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RCC treatment services

The mission of Renton Counseling Center (RCC) is to provide patients with effective, transformational, and competent psychotherapy services. (RCC) is an insurance focused mental health group practice that serves and reflects its surrounding community, employing therapists with a variety of specialized treatment modalities and backgrounds. We use deep caring, technology, and thoughtful design to provide services without barriers to treatment.

RCC’s innovative use to technology to minimize administrative burden, streamline billing, provide patients flexible scheduling options including telehealth, and provide quantitative clinical feedback on treatment effectiveness are unique to the local industry.


Here at Renton Counseling Center, we work a little differently. Our priority is making sure that you get the results you want. For this reason, it is very important that you are involved in monitoring progress throughout therapy. We do this formally by using a short measuring outcome rating scale. This takes less then a minute and you fill this out before each session. A fair amount of research shows that if we are going to successful in our work together, we should see signs of improvement earlier rather then later. At the end of the session completing a short Session Rating Scale. This tool will help improve the way you and your therapist work together.

Provider Background

All our clinicians have master’s degrees and are licensed by WA state. They underwent more than 3000 of training hours to obtain their certification. Most providers have specialized training but are eclectic in their approach. If for any reason you are not a good fit, we would be happy to find another counselor in our clinic. If everyone is full, we can put you on the waiting list. In the following pages you can view all the providers at RCC and their background.

What new clients should expect

  • New patients are asked to register with Therapy Appointment Electronic Healthcare Records cloud based program and sign a patient disclosure form
  • After initial intake assessment 1-3 visits, appointments are scheduled once a week for most counseling treatment.
  • Self-Scheduling on our website
  • Add a credit card for patient responsibility in patient portal to decrease our billing costs. 
  • We utilize Microsoft Teams for our telehealth visits, you will receive a link in your booking email.
  • Our in person visits are at our clinic in Renton


Treatment structure

  • It is important to establish a regular time that therapist and patient meets. The time is set aside to work on emotional issues must be a safe, predictable, and caring therapeutic environment. Your therapist will work on finding a time and providing the working environment that would best meet your needs. In most cases insurance allows for unlimited mental health visits. 
  • Each sessions is 53 minutes in length, it is private and confidential.
  • In case of a crisis or emotional emergency, the frequency and the duration of the session may be increased.
  • Once regular therapy is established 2-3 week notice to reschedule your appointment. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy in place in case of emergency. $90 fee will be charged if the appointment is not rescheduled within the 24 hour limit.

Client Rights Receiving Treatment Services in Washington State:

  • As a client receiving treatment services in the State of Washington, you have the right to refuse any treatment you do not want, and the right and responsivity to choose your provider and treatment approach that best suits your needs and purposes.
  • You also have the right to have full and complete knowledge of your provider’s qualifications and training;
  • be fully informed regarding the terms under which services will be provided;
  • discuss your treatment with anyone you choose, including another provider;
  • have a detailed explanation of any procedure or form of treatment prior to its implementation;
  • have direct access to your treatment records with a minimum notice of three working days, ask for a copy of and correct those records;
  • question the practices and competence of your provider (including a grievance to your insurance company);
  • know your provider’s state licensing number;
  • equest a copy of the ethics code and other guidelines/procedures that govern your provider’s practice;
  • and request a change of provider, request a referral to another provider, or to terminate treatment at any time; or, in the case of court-ordered treatment, refuse to participate (recognizing that you may face legal consequences as a result).


Your participation in therapy and evaluation, the content of your sessions, and any information you provide to your provider during your sessions is protected by legal confidentiality.  Since your provider is an employee of RCC, your treatment records may be accessed by RCC in the normal course of our healthcare operations.  In such cases, the rules of confidentially still apply.  Some exceptions to confidentiality are the following situations in which your provider may choose to, or be required to, disclose this information:

  • If you give your provider written consent to have the information released to another party;
  • In the case of your death or disability your provider may disclose information to your personal representative;
  • If you waive confidentiality by bringing legal action against your provider;
  • In response to a valid subpoena from a court or from the secretary of the Washington State Department of Health for records related to a complaint, report, or investigation;
  • If your provider reasonably believes that disclosure of confidential information will avoid or minimize an imminent danger to your health or safety or the health or safety of any other person; or
  • If, without prior written agreement, no payment for services has been received after 90 days, the account name and amount may be submitted to a collection agency.
  • If you are receiving couples or family therapy, and  you, your partner or another family member should happen to see the same provider in an adjunctive session, information shared with the provider in that meeting may be shared in the joint or family sessions if the provider believes it is in the best interest of the work and treatment.
  • If the therapeutic relationship involves more then one person (e.g. spouse, parent, partner) the provider will not release any information to a third party (court, attorney, disability) without the signed permission of all parties involved in the therapeutic work together, except as required by law. Your signature on this disclosure represents agreement to this requirement.
  • As mandated reporters, we are required by law to disclose certain confidential information including suspected abuse or neglect of children under RCW 26.44, suspected abuse or neglect of vulnerable adults under RCW 74.34, or as otherwise required in proceedings under RCW 71.05.


Your provider seeks ongoing supervision and consultation from colleagues in order to provide you with the best services possible.  Your provider may disclose information about your treatment session in consultation with colleagues, in which case your provider will limit the information disclosed to the minimum necessary.  Another clinician at RCC may access your provider’s client files in order to make appropriate notification and referrals in case your provider is temporarily or permanently incapacitated.

Billing Policies

  • We are an insurance based private practice, our billing fees are $180 for intake, $170 for 53 min, $155 38-52, $130 16-37min, $200 for a crisis evaluation, and $90 for cancellations. For additional complexity & interventions like play therapy, EMDR, hypnosis and others there is additional $20 added that may or may not be covered by insurance.
  • For in-network insurance plans we bill the rates above but your insurance discounts and determines the price of your healthcare encounter. Each plan is subject to its own benefits such as deductible, co-pay, co-insurance. We may not know what your cost will be until claims adjudicates. Please be sure to reference your healthcare benefits or call your insurance to get exact rates. If your plan expires then full fees listed above will apply.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, you must give us 24 hours advance notice, or you will be charged $90 for the missed session.  Under Washington State Law, you are not liable for any fees or charges for services rendered prior to receipt of this disclosure statement.
  • Additional fees & unpaid balances subject to collections.
    • Balances due that are outstanding longer than six months may be collected via collections/or small claims court Physicians & Dentist Credit Bureau. After the account is past due two months or longer there may be a late $3.00 charge added every month thereafter.
    • Once  your past due balance is submitted to collections please pay the balance via their online portal.
    • $50.00 fee per check will be charged for returned checks.
  • Any work related to your treatment that is outside the bounds of scheduled counseling will be billed at the hour rate. This fee includes travel time to another location, meetings with other professionals regarding your case, writing reports, phone call, preparations etc.
  • Failure to make payment may be considered a termination of the counseling relationship initiated by you and respected by us. 
  • DIVORCED PARENTS: The parent bringing the child to our facility will be responsible for required co-payments, deductibles, etc. at the time of service, unless court ordered or contracted otherwise.


Signature on file and Assignment of Benefits if using insurance

Release of Information: Insurance companies and other third-party payers may require that we provide them with information regarding the services provided to you.  This information may include the type of service provided, the dates and times of service, your diagnosis, treatment plan, a description of impairment, progress of therapy, and case notes and summaries.  If you do not want RCC to provide your confidential information to your insurance company, let your provider know so that we can discuss alternatives.

Non-covered services: If insurance company determines that the services provided by Renton Counseling Center is a non-covered service or they assess there was no medical necessity, the undersigned accepts the full financial responsibility for all items and services which are determined by insurance plan to not be covered. You agree to cooperate with Renton Counseling Center to obtain necessary healthcare service plan authorizations.

Assignment of benefits: I hereby assign Renton Counseling Center, PLLC my right to the insurance benefits that may be payable to me for the services provided, in my name or in my behalf. I further authorize those payments be made directly to Renton Counseling Center, PLLC. I understand that acceptance of insurance assignment does not relieve me from any responsibility concerning payment for medical services.

Credit Card Authorization

  • Based on your coverage and benefit information, you’re going to owe some amount for this healthcare encounter- we’ll use this card to collect the payment once your responsibility has been determined by your health plan
  • Your credit card information is secure, it is encrypted to ensure that payment information is secure and cannot be viewed or accessed by any organization

Your signature on this disclosure statement represents agreement to this requirement and authorization for Renton Counseling Center to keep your credit card information on file and charge any fees that are have been determined as your responsibility by your healthcare plan.

Telehealth Risk and Benefits

At your request, and if it is therapeutically appropriate, we may make use of technology assisted distance treatment tools (“Telehealth”) such as and internet enabled video and/or audio services.  It is important that you understand the benefits and limitations of such services.

Telehealth services may improve your access to treatment, may reduce your costs associated with treatment, and my support more effective use of in-person treatment. 

If you are located outside of the State of Washington, the treatment services your clinician is allowed to provide to you may be limited or prohibited.  If you are located outside of the State of Washington, we will discuss what services may be available to you.

Telehealth services are not appropriate for all clients and all situations.  If you or your clinician determines that Telehealth services are not appropriate for you, we will assist you in obtaining face-to-face treatment.

Successful use of Telehealth services requires a reasonable level of access to computer hardware and software.  If you do not have access to such resources, we can discuss available alternatives.

At times it may become necessary for us to allow access to our computer hardware and software for purposes of system maintenance, repair, upgrades, or other similar purposes.  In such cases we will make reasonable efforts to protect your confidential information.

Telehealth services may not be reimbursed by some insurance plans.  In such cases, payment for Telehealth services remains your sole responsibility.

It is your responsibility to choose a secure location to interact with technology-assisted media and to be aware that without sufficient safeguards, third parties may overhear our communications or may gain access to the technology you are using.  Some basic safeguards may include communicating only through a computer or device over which you maintain control, with a firewall and anti-virus software, password protection, and a secure private internet connection.

Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy

In the regular conduct of our practice, we may make use of a cellular phone, or other portable communication device, to communicate with clients.  In such cases, we will limit the information we store in any portable communication device to the least necessary.  Please be aware that such forms of communication do have inherent risks to client confidentiality.  If you would prefer that we do not store you name and telephone number in a portable communication device, or if you would prefer that we do not communicate with you via cellular phone, please inform your provider so that we can make alternative arrangements.

In order to best protect your confidentiality, your provider typically will communicate with clients via email or text for the purposes of scheduling or canceling appointments only. Your provider cannot guarantee the security or confidentially of information sent via email or text.  If you need to communicate with your provider via email or text for any other purpose, please discuss that with your provider in person.

Professional ethics standards do not permit us to communicate with clients via social media. For this reason, we cannot accept any client requests to connect on Facebook, or other similar social media platforms.  RCC does maintain a professional social media presence that may used to provide general  information to clients.  Please do not use any professional social media platform as a mode of communication with your provider.  In addition, please understand that your decision to connect to RCC’s professional social media presence may result in the disclosure of your clinical relationship.

We ask that you do not record all or any part of our sessions without first discussing that with your therapist.


If, without having made prior arrangements, we have not heard from you in 30 days your provider will assume that you would like to terminate your current episode of care and close your active clinical file.  In such cases, we may re-open the file and initiate a new episode of care once you meet with your provider in person.


If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis, please call 911 or the Crisis Line at (206) 461-3222, (253) 396-5180, or (800) 244-5767.  In such situations, you may also go to the nearest hospital Emergency Room.
You can also text and call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline for support 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline | SAMHSA. Some of my patients used the chat feature and found it very helpful.   

Assurance of Professional Conduct

Thousands of people in the treatment profession practice with competence and treat their clients in a professional manner, however, the State of Washington requires that we provide you with the following information.

Providers practicing treatment for a fee must be credentialed or licensed with the Department of Health for the protection of public health and safety.  Credentialing of an individual with the Department of Health does not include a recognition of any practice standards, nor necessarily imply the effectiveness of any treatment.   A copy of the acts of unprofessional conduct can be found in RCW 18.130.180.  If you have any concerns about your provider, you may want to first share your concerns directly with the provider. Many times, issues can be resolved by open communication. You may also contact: Washington State Department of Health at:

Health Systems Quality Assurance Complaint Intake
Post Office Box 47857
Olympia, WA 98504-7857
Phone: 360-236-4700

At Renton Counseling Center, please contact Vera Dragonchuk, Founder, with any issues or concerns at 425-708-8466 or email We would be happy to discuss and assist you through any questions or concerns. 
Renton Counseling Center
Vera Dragonchuk
15 S Grady Way Ste 500
Renton WA 98057

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